New Telegram Update Comes with Attractive Features and Bug Fixes

New Telegram Update

There is a new Telegram update, and with it comes a number of new features. Users can now easily change their theme and share venues by just tapping on the map. Looking for specific messages is easier too, as users only need to type in keywords for the app to fetch a list of results.

In addition, those who like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks can rejoice. The update comes with specialised help for just that purpose. The new update is particularly useful for people who wish to hold demonstrations and share venues easily with other participants. 

Here are some of the most important features of the new Telegram update:

  • Android users can switch to night mode easily
  • When users activate night mode, maps immediately turn dark as well. 
  • Beautiful new animations keep conversations alive and engaging
  • A part of the message can be copied, instead of having to copy an entire message and then edit it. This is particularly useful when copying address, phone numbers and email addresses. 
  • iPhone users can specify which browser should open the links
  • It is also easier to clear history, remove unwanted data and free up space on the device where Telegram is installed
  • Quickly switch between accounts and communicate with disparate groups of people

Why should one update Telegram anyway?

All these updates will make it easier for people to use Telegram more extensively. Many people prefer using Telegram because of the perceived sense of safety it offers over other messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Certain governments often monitor WhatsApp though its encryption is quite strong. However, Telegram is safer and easier to use, especially when users wish to remain anonymous.

The update is available for both Android and iOS users, and it makes sense to update immediately. Not only does the new update offer better features, but it also consists of important bug fixes, security measures, and patches for known vulnerabilities.

Are there any alternatives to Telegram?

Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower, had once recommended using Signal instead of all other applications. However, Signal lacks many of the fancier features that WhatsApp and other applications offer. Thankfully, Telegram offers similar features but is quite secure.