SpaceX to Launch 60 Starlink Satellites to Bring Broadband Services

SpaceX will launch a batch of Starlink satellites in just a few hours from now. The company will stream the event live from 9:19 EST, which is when the company will launch the satellites. This set of satellites will help SpaceX to unveil its broadband internet services later this year. The company will launch a formidable set of 60 satellites. The company had launched 60 other satellites in 2019.

Watch the video here

How many Starlink satellites will spin around the globe?

A total of 120 Starlink satellites will spin around the globe, bringing super-fast internet services to SpaceX customers. A further 60 satellites are expected to be launched as well. This will make the figure shoot up to 180 much later this year. The company has already requested permission to launch a whopping 30,000 satellites in the future. The idea is to ensure that even the remotest corners of the world can access high-speed internet. However, this plan has invited a lot of criticism from scientists.

Why do critics not support the idea of sending so many satellites into the orbit?

Many of these critics believe that these satellites will reduce the darkness of the night sky, leading to interferences while observing the night sky. However, SpaceX has assured that the sides of the satellites which will face the earth will be painted black so that no light will be reflected back. While this may seem like a logical solution to the night sky viewing problem, scientists have many more questions and doubts.

Some believe thousands of satellites spinning around the globe will lead to space debris, while others fearsome of these may crash-land on populated areas. There are other scientists who fear that thousands of satellites may collide with the international space station and other scientific deployments.

The need for high-speed Internet is real

Nevertheless, high-speed Internet is a necessity at the moment, especially for people who are not able to afford expensive broadband connections. These satellites may make the internet more affordable to people who need it the most: those who live in remote areas. In addition, if SpaceX takes the necessary precautions, there may not be any problems in the future. Meanwhile, those interested can watch the launch of the satellites live.