New Video of Apple’s iOS 3.4 Beta 3 Gives Away Important Clues

iOS 3.4 Beta

Readers may recall that Apple released its iOS 3.4 beta 3 last week. It was not clear at that time what features it came with. A new video that started to float earlier today gives many clues. The software may come with certain changes to the Mail app, especially to its toolbar. More importantly, users will be able to lock, unlock, aniOS 3.4 Beta start their NFC-enabled vehicles. Apple has shied away from making NFC more integrated into its operating system for certain operational reasons. However, that seems to be changing with this update. 

What is unique about the iOS 3.4 beta 3 update?

The CarKey feature which helps users to control their NFC-enabled cars is new and is likely to impress those who own such cars. In addition, the new iOS also comes with the OS Recovery feature, which allows users to recover their iOS devices over the internet. 

Previously, recovering an iOS device required users to connect to their Mac or PC. Now, this is no longer required and can be done over Wi-Fi. Other than features, users can also expect a major design overhaul. The user interface of iOS is rather outdated, and many users have complained that it is not as intuitive as it is claimed to be. 

Apple has some serious competition to face 

Apple is under tremendous pressure to play catch up with its peers and competitors. Android continues to make revolutionary changes to its interface, making it more popular than iOS in a number of markets. In addition, iOS devices are perceived to be more expensive than Android devices, forcing Apple to make its OS ecosystem more attractive. 

With that in mind, Apple has certainly added some catchy features. These will keep users busy for a long time to come. However, the new iOS 3.4 beta 3 does not address many of the lacunae that users have noted regarding its UI and UX. In the coming updates, we can expect to see more incremental improvements to the ecosystem. 

Will Apple finally pick up the pace?

From a business point of view, these changes are necessary and existential in nature. As one can see, Apple’s competitors are growing bolder and more innovative. Consequently, the grand old company of technology will have to play it smarter and harder.