Nexus 5 Reportedly Spotted on the FCC Website

Apple and its new iPhones have had their 5 minutes of glory, so the world should start focusing now on the next Google Nexus, which might have been spotted on the FCC website, where its dimensions were measured.

That’s how it goes these days… Photos of yet unreleased products either are leaked or are found by the regular Joe on the FCC website, where products need to be checked thoroughly before being mass marketed. Such is the case with what looks like the next Google Nexus. LG D820, which you can see in the following picture and in an extensive gallery at, might as well have the honor of being Google’s new flagship. A release date is also rumored for this phone and the new version of Android, but it remains to be seen if the whispers are true.

The next Nexus was first spotted in Android KitKat’s promo video, where someone from the crowd who was photographing the new, chocolaty Android mascot was seen using it. Of course, Google claimed that it was all a mistake, but as I mentioned at that time, I think it’s all a marketing strategy. Up to some point, people believed that it will be Asus who makes the Nexus 5, but Google decided to continue collaborating with LG for its trademarked phones. After all, Asus makes the Nexus 7 and Google tries to keep all big manufacturers happy.

There’s not much to say about the new Nexus, as the photos only present its exterior. It looks larger than the Nexus 4, and the gigantic camera on its back is exactly what gave it away in the Android 4.4 promo video. Considering the low price of the Nexus 4, I”m sure that Google and LG will adopt a similar strategy, thus kicking Apple and Microsoft where they hurt the most: in the wallet. Hardware-wise, I hope that the new Nexus packs a micro SD card, as all the other details will surely be good already.

Rumor goes that Nexus 5 will be launched on October 14, along with Android KitKat. Regardless of the release date, the new Nexus will be the first device to sport Google’s new version of Android. After that, the entire Nexus family will be updated, while owners of all the other Android smartphones and tablets will have to wait till manufacturers decide to roll out their OTA updates. Google made a tradition from launching each update to its mobile OS together with a Nexus phone, so there’s absolutely no chance the two would be released separately.

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