Nexus 6: release date and other rumors you should hear about

Of course Google is not just going to sit idly by as the iPhone 6 takes the world by storm, so here’s our round up of Nexus 6 details, rumors and information.

Nexus 6 rumors

Let’s just say it right off the bat: there is no official release date for the Google Nexus 6 right now, but there are some very juicy tidbits of information that tech enthusiasts should know. As of now, Google and LG are no longer producing new Nexus 5 devices, which possibly hints at a new product being already underway. This information comes straight from the official Wind Mobile Twitter page, who when asked about the Nexus 5 availability replied saying it’s “no longer being made, and we have no more stock.” Google is still selling Nexus 5 devices at the Google Play store, which haven’t gone down in price yet, but every other site and carrier is reporting to be out of stock.

The new Nexus might be underway in collaboration with Motorola or HTC, and some users have already taken Motorola’s involvement for granted. Guess LG is out of the picture now, which is a shame, as the Nexus 5 was an incredible device, and amongst the best at its price range.

It seems the Nexus 6 could come in two versions, one with a 5.3-inch screen, or a 6.3-inch one instead, both capable of 2K display resolution. It would be powered by a 2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with an Adreno 420 GPU, while sporting a rear camera capable of 13 mega-pixel pictures, with a 2.1 mega-pixel camera in the front. Fingerprint scanning might not make the cut this time around, though, so if you really care about that you might want to reconsider the options by Samsung and Apple. Maybe Google considers it a fad, or not useful enough for the price hike it would represent?

Google might be getting ready for a secret event as Halloween 2014 comes around, and if previous releases are taken into consideration, we’re most likely going to see an October or November release. Excited yet?

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