Noisy Motors Shot and Captured by Noise Snare

If you are constantly troubled by the sound of noisy vehicles passing by, here comes a device to your rescue. The Noise Snare, a device that captures noise making vehicles. With every passing day our lives are becoming more and more dependent on devices. But what is the harm as long as it is safe and makes our life better?

Developed by SNR systems, the Noise Snare is a trap that can be laid for every noise polluting car. If you live in a car free zone thank your stars but for the many of us who live amidst deafening cars and heavy vehicles this could come as a blessing in disguise. If a noisy motor manages to escape the cops it is sure to be captured by the Noise Snare.

How does the trap work? It is pretty simple. The device contains a microphone and a camera that records both video and stereo sounds. It is true that all cameras can do this but this one has been especially developed to detect loud sounds. When the microphone detects loud sounding vehicles the camera starts rolling and captures a footage that can be successfully used against the owner of the erring vehicle. The camera not only records the loud noise but gets a clear image of the license plate. Recorded evidence can definitely not be denied neither is there any way of escaping penalty.

The trap is equally efficient at night as well. And motorists who tend to raise the volume of their car stereo are also not to be spared. The system not only detects noisy exhaust systems but the car stereo volume levels too. So if one thinks that he/she can get away with a blaring car stereo should be alert now. There might be trap laid out somewhere which might not be very clearly visible but exists all the same.

This snare from SNR systems is sure to take some pressure off the traffic enforcing cops who are anyways burdened by the work. Working amid harsh conditions they might not be able to enforce noise levels. With the Noise Snare in action this part of the job is sure to be done with more ease and accuracy. In fact the precision is such that the system can single out erring motorist in heavy traffic zones and multi lane roadways too.

Times change and technology many a times comes to our rescue. Once again it helps improve the quality of our lives. No noisy vehicles will mean controlled sound levels and that would mean a more peaceful life.

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