Fan-Made Castlevania Board Game Created By Redditor

Vampire hunters a like will love this fan-made board game devoted to the popular monster-slaying video game series from Konami.

Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 1

As a Castlevania die-hard, I would probably do anything to play this fan-made, board game version of the classic Konami action-platformer. Redditor XsimonbelmontX has done his best in recreating the monster-fest into a working table-top game that features the recognizable hallmarks from every Castlevania entry.

Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 2Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 4

From the start, you and your compadres can choose from up to 11 heroes/heroines from the Castlevania universe, from legendary vampire-hunter Simon Belmont to son-of-Dracula Alucard, as you make your way through Count Dracula’s famous mansion.

Along the way players must all work together, leveling up their character by defeating monsters or gather up distinct power-ups, collecting the five body parts of Dracula scattered throughout the castle (much like in Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest), and then finally summoning the lord of darkness to then defeat him and thus win the game.

Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 3Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 5

Of course the game itself is only one of the main draws, because the amount of Castlevania love in every facet of this board game is something else.

The board itself is basically the level layout of the original NES game, 8-bit pixely and all; the play cards have art and descriptions from every Castlevania title up to date. And XsimonbelmontX even created snazzy suitcase to store the game up once your done! In fact, it looks like a suitcase right out of a Hammer Flim’s production of a Dracula movie.

Castlevania Board Game by XsimonbelmontX image 6

You can find more pictures of this Castlevania board game from XsimonbelmontX’s own imgur account. It’s a shame only he and his friends will able to whip their way through Dracula’s castle in this inspiring creation. I’m sure as the night is a horrible time to have a curse that many Castlvania fans, retro gaming enthusiasts, and even board game collectors would love to own such a terrific board.

Source: Reddit

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