Using the Nokia Lumia 900 as a Hammer

How strong is the screen of the Nokia Lumia 900? Well, if you have a few nails and a board or wall to knock them into, you don’t need to go looking for that hammer in your garage. Just use the cellphone.

Crash tests are usually performed by magazines and portals dedicated to testing various devices but Nokia loves to do them alone and show to the public.

The testing shown actually begins by showing that using a hammer and nails on the Nokia screen doesn’t do any kind of damage. So, why not flip the scenario? Nokia’s “inquisitors” Ruble Chris and Mike Meyers use the cellphone screen instead of using a hammer for driving nails into the wood which did not result any cracks and scratches.

Does this mean to try this at home? Probably not. Controlled environments companies use and share with the public aren’t usually the actual conditions we get to encounter at home, probably resulting in a broken screen or a nail popping through the other side of your cellphone.