Realistic Hook Cake Will Make You Shiver in Your Timbers

If Peter Pan is your favorite Disney movie but you feel bad about cutting into Tinkerbell, maybe taking a bite out of Captain Hook’s hook will be a lot better…and more satisfying.

Now, I have always had a problem eating things that look like people. While it isn’t actually people (at least not in the way Soylent Green is people), it’s still the whole idea that I am not a part of the Donner Party and eating something like looks like a person, no matter how tasty it may be, just seems wrong. That being said, I wouldn’t mind taking a bit out of Hook’s non-human appendage – his hook.

Created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes, this yummy cake looks like it just came out of the popular Disney cartoon, hook, map, and everything between. Personally, I’d try to steal the map and find treasure, but because it is made out of sugar, I’d probably end up eating it (much to the joy of my dentist’s wallet).

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