Nokia to release smartphones again, this time running Android

After selling their phone assets to Microsoft and exiting the industry less than a year ago, Nokia seem to be ready for a comeback, this time even running Android firmware.

Nokia phones

The website G for Games surprised us all with some heavy news: Nokia is looking to jump right back into the smartphone market, this time creating Android phones. The Finnish company is preparing these new devices for the year 2016, and will return to activity where they were the strongest. And now that we know this is happening, what does Microsoft have to say about it?

These news were revealed by Mike Want, president of Nokia China, while also discussing the company’s plans for 2016. Besides, they’re planning to use a factory located in Sichuan as the central base to produce this new generation of devices.


Nokia’s agreement to step out of the phone business expires this 2015, and was signed along with Microsoft. This was an express prohibition to investigate, create or produce new smartphone designs, but once this period is done with, the company will be ready to return to the market that saw them bloom  and act as a third pillar of the industry at one point. Will they be able to surpass themselves?

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