NuPlug Empowers Your Sofa with AC Outlets and USB Ports

Sofas are rarely placed as near to power outlets as we’d like them to be, but NuPlug, a hybrid between power strips and wall sockets, is meant to change all that.

When we’re using our gadgets at home, we want to do that while sitting comfortably on a couch or an armchair, but these don’t always have power outlets near them. The more resources the apps need, the greater is the need for an AC socket. Fortunately, NuPlug, which is currently featured on Kickstarter, can attach 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to your sofa or bed.

NuPlug comes with a 10ft cord with a flat profile plug, so from a certain point of view, this gadget acts as an extension cord. The AC outlets are opposing each other, so no matter how the charger is, none of the ports will be blocked. NuPlug also acts as a surge protector, which means that none of the devices connected to it are in danger of short-circuiting.

The USB ports are positioned horizontally and they provide enough amperage to charge the latest smartphones and tablets. Two LEDs will indicate if the ports are in use or not. The textured silicone pattern between NuPlug’s clips play two roles. First of all, it ensures a firm grip on the base of the sofa, and secondly, it protects the furniture from damage. Obviously, the NuPlug can be attached to other pieces of furniture, such as table legs, night stands and loft beds.

NuPlug is available in two colors: white and black. NuSkinns can be applied on each NuPlug so that it matches the color of the furniture or of the room. The price per piece is of $27 for early birds and $29 for normal backers, with various bonuses offered depending on the sum of money contributed by people.


The problem that I have with the NuPlug is that it can be bought by people outside the US, but the device isn’t pictured anywhere with different power sockets. On top of that, the specs mention 2 120V AC power outlets, but in Europe the AC is delivered at 220V.

Even though otherworldly batteries make the news from time to time, they never seem to become a reality, so we’re forced to charge are devices at least once a day. In this context, the NuPlug is something most of us could make use of, supposing that it came with various types of power sockets.

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