Amazingly Creepy Octopus Chair

Do you know what your living room is missing? That’s right, a chair shaped like an octopus. You’ve probably never thought about it, but now you realize that what your home really needs, to tie everything together, is a creepy chair shaped like a giant octopus. This design project by Maximo Riera is certainly bizarre, to say the least. Sure, there are bearskin rugs and some people hang antlers on their wall, but there’s a distinct lack of sea creature-related furniture and interior decorations. Until now, that is.

What’s really amazing is just how seamless it is. Judging from the in-progress photos, the octopus head and the seat of the chair are all one piece, which makes the end product look that much more insane. When viewed from behind, we get an awesome look at a black octopus, complete with tentacles sprawling across the floor. From the front, it looks much like a fancy chair, albeit with some strangeness going on behind it.

I can’t think of how this chair would look practical in any room, with only two exceptions. First off, this would be a perfect chair in some seaside tavern, where a crusty old sailor recounts his stories of how he lost his hand to a sea creature 100 feet high. Secondly, it would be a great chair for a dungeon master of tabletop games, specifically Call of Cthulhu. It’s a chair that demands attention, plus the octopus design fits the Cthulhu theme perfectly.

Unfortunately, since this is just a project, it’s likely not for sale. You’re free to put your own skills to the test, however, if you wish to try and create your own octopus chair to brighten up your home. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, you could instead grab yourself a Captain Kirk Chair or the Brobdingnagian Sports Chair.

Maximo Tiera Octopus Chair Side View

Octopus Chair Back

Octopus Chair Side View

Octopus Chair Behind the Making

Via: Ufunk