Epic KISS Bobbleheads

Fire breathing, smoking guitars, blood spitting, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits; that’s how rock legends, KISS, ruled the rock scene in the 70s! So all you KISS fans out there, you can now get your own demonic KISS bobble head for a wilder and geekier life!

These demonic KISS Bobble Heads feature the four band members; Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. All the bobble headed KISS band members look epic with their trademark KISS makeup and costumes and with their deathly, iconic expressions they are sure to make you witness an enthralling, heavenly performance right in your bedroom.

KISS Paul Stanley Bobble Head

If you’re more of a fanatic of the starry-eyed lover and romantic vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Paul Stanley aka the Starchild, you’ll be happy to know that his bobble headed version is available for $12.99.

KISS Gene Simmons Bobble Head

The demonic, dark humored bassist, Gene Simmons aka the Demon, looks satanic with his tongue out and will make you live on the edge with his wicked antics. This bobble head is also up for $12.99.

KISS Peter Kriss Bobble Head

Are you more of a fan of the nine-lived drummer, Criss aka the Catman? His godly, drumming bobble head is available at $12.99.

KISS Ace Frehley Bobble Head

The lead guitarist, Ace Frehley aka the Spaceman, will show you how to live and his bobble head is also up at $12.99.

These KISS bobble heads make an awesome gift for any geeky KISS fan and $12.99 a band member is small price to pay, to live with your own Rock n’ Roll icon.

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