Star Wars: The Old Republic Peripherals

You may have the Force on your side, but chances are you are going to need a little extra firepower to overcome your enemy, whether they are the evil Sith or noble Galactic Republic. Luckily, Razer has just what you are looking for to give you the edge and style you need.  Razer has great computer peripherals, it’s a well known fact in the PC gaming community. They come out with innovative and useful tools that center around popular or upcoming games. Now they anticipate the need for new hardware with The Old Republic, hopefully coming out later this year. There are four different pieces to choose from, each with either a Republic or Sith logo: The mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse-pad. Each piece has been boiled down to be the very best for gaming purposes, making crushing your enemies efficient and easy. The keyboard is one of the most impressive gaming tools out there. It has the usual programmable buttons and lights, but also sports adaptable dynamic keys for easy to use force-powers. It also has an LCD track pad that allows you to record macros on the g0. It would undoubtedly be overwhelming to anyone outside of the MMO community. The mouse is completely wireless, making it easy to use anywhere. And of course, like any good gaming mouse, it includes some programmable macro buttons where the usually useless thumb is. But not just a couple, Razer decided to include a whopping 12 buttons for on the fly casting. Now the trick is to teach my thumb to distinguish between them all. The headset and mouse-pad are fairly straight forward. One offers 5.1 surround sound and the other offers a smooth, anti-reflection surface. I will let you figure out which does what. Razer has really outdone themselves this time, and are obviously really anticipating this potential WOW-killer. With tools like these, it will be a much easier fight to the top to be MMO king. There are currently no prices or too many additional details available yet, but continue to check the Razer website for more information as the game gets nearer. Figure out what job you’d be best at in the Star Wars Universe or check out these awesome comic-book keyboards.