Apple Bringing New Mac Pro & Mini In August?

Rumors are flying fast and furiously about what Apple is bringing to the masses early this fall, but lost in all the hype about iOS is the fact that the company still does deal in desktops and other computer components.

While the Macbook Air is Apple’s flagship when it comes to all things NOT tablet and the iOS 5 is getting all the press because of all the new features they are looking to roll out, some people would be surprised to learn there is still quite a big demand for the regular computers such as the Mac Pro.  The Mac Mini, which also hasn’t been getting a whole lot of press lately is looking to get a bit of an update as well this August according to rumors that are flowing quite steadily.

According to industry insiders, the best news for Mac Pro and Mini fans is that when Apple does update these devices, they will both have Sandy Bridge processors as well as Thunderbolt ports in order to make the computers run as fast as is possible with Apple’s technology these days.  According to the reports, there has been some confusion about exactly when these updated devices would be available with reports first saying both might be out in the middle of July.

Since those first reports, those in the know say that August is a much more likely release date.  The last time the Macbook Pro was updated was last July and last June, the Mac Mini was given an update that included an HDMI port that allowed for the computer to easily hook up to an HDTV.  The Mini also has a SD slot that allows easier connectivity to digital cameras. The Mac Pro was upgraded with the Intel Xeon processors which made them 50 percent faster than the Mac Pros that came before them, meaning that Mac Pro enthusiasts should be pretty excited about just how fast these newer machines will run when they are actually available at the end of the summer.

While there has been no real speculation on when, the Macbook Air is supposed to be getting an update with the Sandy Bridge processors and a Thunderbolt port as well.