Om/One Bluetooth speaker literally floats in front of us

Long gone are the days when a wireless speaker seemed something special at all, but now some of that magic is back as the Om/One defies gravity.


When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, luckily, it’s rare to find products that under-perform or are terrible at what they do. Still, as things stand, it’s quite hard to have a product that actually has an identity and something that sets it apart besides functionality, and that is why the Om/One is a one of a kind: it’s a Bluetooth speaker that has the capacity to levitate. The best part? This is not just about looks, as the creators claim this helps the over-all performance, and puts it leagues above (get it?) the competition.

The Om/One is a black ball that levitates using the power of magnets. This means that there is nothing obstructing it, so all of its surface can emit sound, which is in turn really powerful and loud for such a small speaker. The 3-watt speaker consumes less power than any other equivalent speaker, and can provide 15 hours of the best quality sound, doing continuous play at 70% of its total volume. The orb measures 3.6 inches (9.1 cm) in diameter, and uses a 75 mm audio driver with a built-in microphone for pairing up with a phone to make calls. The base, though, which is what users will actually have to place somewhere, is 6.3 inches (16 cm). The base requires to be plugged to a socket at all times.

People interested in the Om/One might want to check out the official website, where it is being crowdfunded with an initial goal of US$100,000 already met. Users can get their hands on an Om/One once it comes out for $179, but after the crowdfunding phase is done, the pre-orders will rise to $199. If all goes well, the Om/One will be seeing the light of day in December 2014.

Via Gizmag

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