OnePlus Two: 2014’s Best Flagship Killer Gets a Sequel

When OnePlus launched the One in April 2014, it really took the whole world by surprise, as no one expected to see such great specs at such a low price. OnePlus Two means to take things further, but

OnePlus seems to have become overconfident after One’s incredible success, as it has already named Two the 2016 flagship killer. The technical specs of their new smartphone are not bad at all, but some of the yet-to-be-launched flagships it will have to compete against include iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and 5 Edge, and a bunch of Windows phones that Microsoft will undoubtedly launch to take advantage of the new Windows 10. Besides that, OnePlus lacks some major features that most people would have expected to see in a flagship killer.

OnePlus Two is based on Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 810 SoC, which in other phones has caused serious overheating problems. However, the manufacturer claims it’s a new version of 810, which doesn’t have such issues. Furthermore, the Two comes in two versions: one with 3GB of RAM, and one with 4GB, depending on how many apps you intend to run simultaneously. As for storage, the former sports 16GB of ROM, while the latter has 64GB. Neither of them has a microSD card slot, but considering the great number of cloud and streaming services, the lack of one is not such a great tragedy. Speaking of slots, OnePlus Two is a dual-SIM phone, meaning that you’ll be able to use the services of two operators.

A lot people were expecting to see a 2K display, but OnePlus settled (see what I did there?) for a 1080p with a 5.5″ diagonal and a 401ppi density. That’s compensated by a 13MP camera on the back that OnePlus takes pride in, as well as a 5MP snapper in the front. Below the display, there is a fingeprint scanner that’s faster than TouchID, yet less reliable.

Two other highlights are the USB Type-C port that will save a lot of people from going nuts when trying to plug the cable blindly, and a 3,300mAh battery. OnePlus Two should have sported Quick Charge, among many other things, if it really wanted to kill next year’s flagships.

Some Chinese resellers have already added OnePlus Two to their offer, with GearBest featuring a pre-sale until August 27. The pre-sale price of $397.89 for the 3GB RAM/16GB ROM version, respectively $477.89 for the 4GB RAM/64GB ROM version is higher than what OnePlus intends to sell it for. The 16GB version will be sold by the manufacturer for $329, while the 64GB one will cost $389. To this price you need to add the time you will have to spend trying to get an invitation (since that system is back in place for the new phone), as well as the shipping costs, which are zero when purchasing from such resellers.

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