San Francisco: New paint makes pee bounce off of walls

San Francisco has become the testing ground for a special type of paint that makes pee bounce off of walls. If you feel like going, better look for a tree instead.

Pee paint 1

The San Francisco city has announced that they will be trying out a new special type of paint in the city, one that repels urine in the walls of the city where this shameful activity seems to be kind of popular. The system behind this paint is pretty simple: once the pee-er starts urinating, the liquid might bounce on his pants or shoes instead of staying on the wall.

This paint is not original from San Francisco. It’s very used in Germany, in areas with bars and pubs, and has gotten very good results in stopping people from this nasty habit. Community groun IG St Pauli from Hamburg have decided to use this paint to deal with problems in a neighborhood visited by more than 20 million tourists each year.

“The paint, called Ultra-Every Dry, creates an air barrier in front of the surface which repels almost any liquid”, said the creators in an interview with the BBC.

This special paint is being used now in San Francisco, and many walls around bars and pubs, in neighborhoods with many homeless people, where this type of conduct is more likely to happen. Also, signales in many languages have been added which read: “hold it! This wall is not a public restroom. Please respect San Francisco and seek relief in an appropriate place”.

Pee paint 2

“The idea is that they will think twice next time about urinating in public”, said Rachel Gordon in representation of the city. “We have gotten many, many phonecalls where citizens asked us to apply this pain on their alleys or buildings”. The city of San Francisco has also said that applying this paint is also cheaper than assigning a cleaning team specifically to these areas.

Pee in public spaces is a big concern for San Francisco and its citizens, where fines for peein outside of bathrooms can go from $50 USD to $100 USD.

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