Opera Mini 6 Comes to iOS Devices

Popular browser company, Opera, has released Opera Mini 6 for iOS. The new applications include an iPad version, as well as graphic support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

The new browser has an updated UI with tabbed, thumbnailed browsing and smoother pinch-zooming and panning. There’s also the ability to open new pages in background tabs.

Opera has also added in new direct share functionality, making it easier to share webpages with Facebook, Twitter and its own My Opera service. This, of course, means dedicated share buttons to share a site with your friends on My Opera, Facebook, Twitter or vKontakte right from the Opera Mini 6 browser. You’ll also find redesigned Opera menus and more refined color textures and skin.

The browser (Mini 6) was first released back in March with a tablet version for Android-based slates, and is optimized to use the company’s compression servers to slim down data usage. This compression has the potential to help you save on data costs, making this browser a convenient ‘lower cost’ alternative to Safari.

The Opera Mini mobile browser provides a different kind of browsing experience to “complement” Safari, the default iPad and iPhone browser. It will adapt to to the high resolution of the iPhone 5, and changes the user interface to accommodate the screen size. Opera Mini 6 will also optimize itself for convenient handling on the iPad by reorganizing the UI for tablets.

The Opera Mini 5 browser for iOS launched in April 2010, after much speculation as to whether Apple would permit the app to be sold in the App Store. Opera Mini 6 brings much-needed features and design changes to the app, making it a must-download for anyone looking for an alternative to Safari.

You can download Opera Mini 6 for free in the App Store. It’s compatible with any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.

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Via: SlashGear