Orangutans Select Their Food Using an iPad

29 Years into my adult life, I’ve still not managed to win an iPad. Agonizing to know, for me and others, is that Orangutans in a Miami zoo get to use iPads everyday, for the simple function of choosing their meals off of iPads the zoo’s staff are holding.

In truth, it’s pretty much like showing them pictures of cocuntus, bananas, or whatever it is these monkeys, I mean great apes, want to chew on for breakfast, lunch or dinner. By using the iPad, the staff can actually present a menu to the animals, in turn choosing the treats they prefer.

The coolest thing about this, besides the always fun site of an animal using a modern-day technology appliance? Treating these apes like they should be – almost like people, with personal wishes, desires and opinions, just without the ability to express themselves, to us humans at least.

On the other hand, they are in cages, so who great, really, is life for these tree loving red-heads?