An Outdoor Inflatable Theater

Sure, your neighbor’s wall-mounted 42-inch LED high-def television is great. But now you will be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Go set up some lawn chairs and pop some popcorn while this bad boy inflates of the front lawn, and get ready for blockbuster block-party.

With summer of its way, people start to think about their plans and possible activities for the warm weather. Now Hammacher Schlemmer offers you the ability to enjoy all the movies on your long Netflix que while still taking advantage of the comfortable summer nights.

In under five minutes (it needs a little time to inflate) you can sport a 72-inch white vinyl screen. Along with the screen, this package includes the projector, pump, twin 5-watt speakers and necessary cables.

The projector provides up to 480p resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio, 600:1 contrast ratio and 900 lumen. It has a plethora of inputs including VGA, HDMI, USB and SD cards. Plug your laptop in for some big-screen gaming.

It is important for an outdoor theater to be able to battle the elements, and luckily the screen and speakers are water resistant. They claim it is perfect to place near a pool, however I don’t think I would like my projector anywhere near a body of water. One cannonball could really ruin your day.

The screen is about 70 pounds, putting it slightly into the “annoyance to move” category, so make sure the viewing angle is right before the inflating begins. Keep in mind the light sources around as well. There is not much worse than getting ready for a movie, and having a street lamp glare ruin the picture.

The entire package, including the projector, comes in at just under a grand at $999. Looks like they are in-stock and ready to ship at a moments notice, making sure you have a cinema-filled summer.

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