Buro for Lexon: Space-Saving and Stylish Supplies

Office supplies are not just tools to get the job done. They can actually be awesome desk accessories that you’ll be proud to show off in the work place. The Buro stackable supplies set will make paper work a dream, not to mention make you the envy of your officemates.

Buro for Lexon

Adrian and Jeremy Wright of DesignWright were commissioned to create this set for the company Lexon. According to the creators, the inspiration for Buro is a set of wooden building blocks, which can neatly stack next to or on top of each other. Think of these supplies as your must-haves or desk essentials, which leave you lots of room on your desk for working.








Included in the set: magnifying lens, digital calendar, hole punch, stapler, tape dispenser, calculator, and USB hub and card reader. Each item is made with the same dimensions for length and width for a sleek uniform look.

Buro can be arranged horizontally on a table, like a set of books. They can also be stacked vertically like a Jenga tower to take up a smaller area on the desk. They can also fit perfectly into a drawer, ready to be called upon when needed. And because the names of the supplies are labeled on the sides, it won’t take you long to find that stapler or hole punch you’ve been looking for.

Buro for Lexon is made from tough ABS plastic with a rubberized finish. It is actually available on the Lexon USA catalog for $150. You can choose the green set, or opt for the purple or black instead. Whichever way you want it, you can be sure that your workmates will be in a rush to borrow a thing or two from you.

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Via: Design Boom