OutRunner RC Running Robot Has Potential for Breaking Speed Records

We all need an incentive from time to time, in order exceed our own limits, and when it comes to jogging, what could be better than a robot capable of outrunning us?

Touted as the world’s first remote-controlled running robot, the OutRunner has a rather peculiar design. It definitely reminds of the Incredipede, and other such resemblances might come to mind. Anyway, it has become a habit for engineers to create robots that are into sports. As if someone would want all human sports teams to be replaced by mechanical counterparts. Personally, I wouldn’t mind watching some RobOlyimpic Games, since all you get to see in the ones organized by humans is not that impressive.

As the creators of the OutRunner robot explained, “Robotics Unlimited is a spinoff of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) where a team of scientists and engineers have been working for years toward the development of walking and running robots.

Part of the IHMC robotics team has been spending their time figuring out how to make a robotic system capable of running while maintaining stability. While research robots are very expensive machines dedicated to lab experiments, Robotics Unlimited’s founder wanted to have a robot easy to operate, relatively low cost to build but still providing amazing running capability. After several months of thinking, testing and prototyping, OutRunner was born.”

The OutRunner will be available to the public in two versions. The Core version is only capable of running at a maximum speed of 10 mph, while the Performance version can easily double that. On top of that, the latter also includes some sensors that will make racing against it a real challenge. Mind you, this tiny little sprinter is capable of running not only on concrete, but also on grass, and chances are it would outrun you even in this context.

The developers of this RC running robot are looking to raise $150K on Kickstarter. Anyone backing the project with at least $249 will get an OutRunner, supposing that the campaign is successful.

I know someone who could definitely use an OutRunner. Without something to run after or from, people are not that keen to start running, no matter how many health benefits physical activities prove to have.

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