Pavlok Fitness Band Runs 340 Volts Through Your Body to Keep You Motivated

When it comes to waking up or running around, few things are as effective as electric current. Pavlok is a fitness band based exactly on that concept.

Every modern device that delivers electric shocks to motivate has a name that brings Pavlov’s dog (the barking version, not the rock band) to mind. Pavlok was developed for the lazy ones that would rather hug their couch than walking one kilometer (take that, users of Imperial units!), and since fitness is about more than just looking good, finding a way to motivate such people is extremely important. Working out improves our health (mainly our cardiovascular system, but the rest of the body benefits, as well), makes us more productive and helps us live longer. In other words, until scientists discover the secret to eternal life, fitness is the best thing there is.

Scheduled for shipping in early 2015, the Pavlok fitness band even has a suggestive design. The interior of the band is electric yellow, and the face sports a stylized thunder.

Where all other fitness trackers fail, Pavlok triumphs undoubtedly. Let’s face it, buying an expensive fitness gadget doesn’t guarantee that you will use it. However, a 340V jolt that goes through your entire body might be exactly what other similar devices are lacking. To be fair, you’d also have to be a bit masochistic to spend $150 on Pavlok, considering the shocking experience you get for not achieving your goals.

There are alternatives to getting shocked, though, and you pick the consequences when establishing the daily goal. If successful, you get gift cards or coins, but if you fail to meet the goal, then you either owe money to another Pavlok user (ouch!), or get publicly humiliated by having your failures published on Facebook. It’s clear as day that the electric shock is the mildest of the punishments!

Fitness goals are not the only things that could be trained taught using the Pavlok fitness band. You could also learn to get to your appointments on time, or wake up earlier. This are only a couple of things that could turn into habits with the help of this device.

In case you think the Pavlok fitness band is something up your alley, you should pre-order it on for just a bit under $150.

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