singNshock Comes With Electroshock Therapy for Heavy Sleepers

Waking up is terribly difficult for some of us. If you’re in the category of people informally called “heavy sleepers,” electroshock therapy might just be the thing for you! Don’t worry, singNshock is not meant to traumatize you, but just to wake you up in a very efficient way.

singNshock brings you the best of two worlds: music so loud it can make your ears bleed, and if that fails to wake you up, some electric current that should ensure the success of the gadget. It doesn’t really sound traumatizing, does it? To compensate for the two, the creators of this concept included an MMC slot, so at least you wake up listening to your favorite music. I would have suggested exactly the opposite, since music that I hate with a passion is capable of waking me up instantly, regardless of how loud it is.

Apart from the light on the sides, which looks a bit tacky, the alarm clock has an impressive design. On top of that, all of the settings are controlled via a touch screen, apart from one. The electric shock is delivered via the hardware button that is used for turning off the alarm. According to Indian designer Sankalp Sinha, who created this concept, the electric shock resumes to a few milivolts, enough to trigger neurological functions, but safe at the same time.

Judging by the reactions people have on the designer’s website, singNshock would have a huge success if it ever gets mass-produced. To be frank, I’d love to get my hands on this, too, as I tend to hit the Snooze button on my phone far too many times. People are even suggesting posting this project on KickStarter. I have no doubt that it would have a wild success there! The designer refused to disclose his strategy on how he will get this clock to the masses, but told people that he’s working on it.

Should this ever become a reality, the singNshock alarm clock would come in six different colors. At least that’s the range envisioned by the designer. With a rather great variety of colors, it wouldn’t be difficult to match this to your room, no matter what style you prefer. Unless it’s Victorian furniture that you’re into, cause then bringing this clock in would be a big no-no.

Bottom note is that if you have someone special in your life who insistently refuses to wake up, get her or him such a clock, as soon as it becomes available. I’m sure singNshock would make a great surprise, not sure if good or bad, though.

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