Pay What You Want: ‘Start a Side Business’ Bundle

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to set up a side business that doesn’t take too much of your time, but manages to provide you with some financial relief. This week’s Pay What You Want bundle focuses exactly on that.

The 10 side-business courses included in this bundle would typically retail for $1,826, but Walyou Deals is offering them for as much as you’re willing to pay. While the last two items listed below can be had for as little as $1, to get the entire bundle, you would have to beat the average.

Private Label Products: Create Brands & Sell with Amazon FBA, the first app in the bundle, enables entrepreneurs to source, market and sell their own branded products through Amazon’s Fulfillment Program.

Up next, Alibaba ? Import Guide to Making Huge Margins provides guidelines on how to import products, brand them for resale, and outsource their production.

Alibaba Import Business Blueprint: Build Your Import Empire takes the concepts from the previous app even further, as it includes tips on how to build a successful e-commerce business that rebrands and sells products at large margins.

If you’re reluctant to going to the office every day, the Work from Home: My $20,000 per Month Amazon FBA MasterPlan app might be for you. This app covers many proven techniques for building a profitable business that implies selling physical goods on the Web.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Private Label Products explains the steps you need to take in order to create a memorable brand that drives sales.

Ever wondered how professional importers source their items from China? How to Import From China – The Professional Guide provides several answers to that.

Simple & Effective: Create Your Own $9,765 eBay Business is a course that goes over everything you need to know to start a successful business on eBay.

To understand the challenges implied by successful sales on Amazon, you’ll have to check out the following course, No Sales B.S. | The Most Simple & Honest Amazon FBA Course.

How to Import From China – The Beginner’s Guide is a great resource for someone who’s just getting started with sourcing and selling Chinese products. It’s important to understand that not all products made in China are of a suspicious quality.

The second course that you can get for as little as $1 is eBay for Profits: Make $2,000 a Month Drop-Shipping Products, which basically teaches you how to turn eBay into your own cash cow by selling products at a profit without having to pay upfront for inventory.

As with any other Pay What You Want Bundle sold on Walyou Deals, 10% of proceeds go to a charity. At the time of writing, the average people needed to beat to get the entire bundle was $12.12. On top of that, entering the leaderboard at any time gives you a free entry to the current giveaway. Eager to start your own side business? Then get the bundle and decide which option you’re the most comfortable with.

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