Periodic Table Building Blocks For Geeky Kids

Building blocks are one of those “Must Have” toys for kids. Personally I think it’s a great gift for a 2-years-old. At that age they already have the ability to stack those blocks, they love to build stuff and then crash them afterwards obviously. They understand colors and shapes so it’s a great toy for them.

Instead of buying the traditional blocks you can challenge your kid and take it to the next level by teaching them not only how to stack blocks but also the elements of the periodic table. If that isn’t nerdy, I don’t know what is.

Periodic Table Building Blocks For Geeky Babies

Beside being a very nerdy gift idea for kids, these block can be great for chemistry geeks and science teachers. In this set you’ll get 20 solid wood blocks printed in bright colors. Are you born a geek or are you made one? Doesn’t really matter since geeky kids… or perhaps geeky parents will love these Periodic Table Building Blocks. You can get it here on thinkgeek for $37.99.

I’m not sure your child will be able to tell Helium from Hydrogen on the first go, and explaining to them about Krypton actually being a real-life thing and not just where Superman comes from, but pretty quickly, it won’t be just something colorful and fun to build and tear down. It’ll actually teach them stuff.

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