Peek-i Turns the iPhone into a Spy Camera

Spy cameras must have become a fetish, as there are many people who tremble with emotion at the idea of catching others in the act while doing something compromising. For those people, the Peek-i must be one of the best iPhone camera accessories ever invented.

Not few are the ones who fantasize about being James Bond, the modern Sherlock Holmes or Austin Powers. However, one of the abilities people must have in order to become a spy is seeing around the corners, or at least at very wicked angles compared to where the camera is pointed. The Peek-i iPhone camera accessory enables shooting at such angles, and thus, helps making dreams come true.

More precisely, Peek-i reflects images and enables iPhone’s camera to take pictures at a 90-degree angle. After attaching it to the iPhone with the help of an included magnet, the Peek-i can be rotated in any direction, not just to the left or to the right.

At the moment, Peek-i is featured on Indiegogo, as its developers thought that crowdfunding is the way to go. They set a $1,000 goal there, and at press time, it was beat by 2,235%. That’s quite a feat in the crowdfunding world, as other projects struggle to reach their goal. The small price of the Peek-i must have affected the performance of the campaign as it only costs $15. You also have the option to buy 2 such camera accessories for $25. There are plenty of other combo packs, so as long as you are willing to back the project, there’s an option for you.

The stickers also play a decorative role, so if you don’t want need the spy cam all the time, Peek-i is still useful somehow. Sticker packs can be bought separately for $5 a pack of 30, or you can get them with your Peek-i, assuming that you opted for a bigger combo pack.

One thing you should be careful about is the possibility of getting sued for taking pictures in areas where photographing is forbidden. Also, taking pictures of people without their permission is a bit wrong, so you might want to use this tiny gadget on your friends. After all, you don’t want to annoy the wrong kind of people with an iPhone camera accessory.

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