Peloton Exercise Bike Shows Stats on a 21.5 Inch Android Tablet

Let’s face it, tiny cyclocomputers are for noobs! If you want to see your stats clearly or if you want to learn how to ride a stationary exercise bike properly, Peloton’s product is exactly what you need.

The creators of this product consider that they’ve combined fitness and technology perfectly by being “vertically integrated.” In other words, they’ve developed both the hardware and the software for the platform, “just like Apple.” Now, I’m far from being an Apple lover, but this start-up is far from it and I really think that such a statement denotes a bit of arrogance.

This is what the developers of the Peloton stationary exercise bike have to say for themselves: “Designed from the ground up by Peloton in NYC, the Peloton bike merges high-design with modern technology–and there’s nothing else like it. With a near-silent belt drive system and a magnetic resistance flywheel, this bike rides smooth and quiet. And its carbon steel, monocoque construction provides amazing strength and stability all while maintaining the gentle curves that make Peloton a perfect addition to any room in your home.”

The bike packs a 21.5″ Full HD, multitouch console that displays on demand studio cycling classes and stats upon connecting it to your home’s WiFi network. Of course, this stationary bike packs some interesting features, but IMHO, the 21.5 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet is not one of them.

The Peloton exercise bike is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its developers hope to raise the funds necessary for turning their concept into something that’s commercially available. Oddly enough, at press time, the project had raised $146,003 out of the final goal of $250,000 in only 3 days since the campaign went online. With 27 more days to go, I’d say that this project has great chances of getting funded.

My advice? People, buy a real bike already! Ride it in the woods, ride it on the streets of your city, just ride it outdoors, instead of staying the whole day inside, exercising like a hamster in a wheel, pretending that the experience you’re having is otherworldly! No, a 21.5 screen won’t make it better! You need fresh air for your brain to oxygenate properly while exercising. On top of that, riding a real bike will train your reflexes. Sure, accidents might happen and you might get a few bruises, if you’re not wearing proper equipment, that’s all part of the real world!

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