Metroid Parasite Pendant – Awesome Jewelry for Space Bounty Hunters

It’s said that “Metroids are not pets.” “Metroids are not for target practice.” But what about lovely handmade jewelry? I think yes.

Metroid pendant from CriticalHitShop image 1

Terrifying as they might be to encounter, Metroids have always had this indescribable beauty about them. I’d say it’s because they kind of resemble giant jellyfish, which also have that same dangerous allure – having been stung on numerous beach outings, I should certainly know.

And without the threat of having the life-energy sapped out of you like me sucking the sweet nectar  out of a jelly donut, that odd grace is preserved with this amazing Metroid pendant by Critical Hit Collectables, an Etsy shop that specializes in cool, geeky handmade jewelry.

Featured on a an 18″ gold-toned chain, hangs a polished solid-brass version of the floating life form decorated with red gems, a stunning combo that when worn, makes quite the first impression to both the casual observer and diehard fan of the popular Nintendo franchise.

Metroid pendant from CriticalHitShop image 2

The Metroid necklace is also available in different lengths – up to 20 or 22 inches if desired. And if gold is a little bit too gaudy for your own sensibilities, CriticalHitShop can also loop the pendant on a braided black leather cord for that Final Fantasy character look that’s all the rage.

For the reasonable USD price of $28.00 (minus shipping), you can capture one of these excellent jewelry pieces. Just don’t wait too long, because like their gaming counterpart, they’re aren’t many left in the wild.

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