Pendulum Drawing Machine

Art is a strange field and there are always new innovations being developed to outperform or augment traditional methods such as drawing, painting, and even sculpting. This invention serves not only as a piece of art in and of itself, but also as a method of drawing its own art. Designed by Eske Rex, this “Drawingmachine” makes your old Spirograph look like a chump. The mechanical parts of the sculpture include two wooden towers each with a pendulum hanging down from the top. Each pendulum has an arm which emerges from it, and both arms connect at a single point, which is where a ballpoint pen is held vertically, tip down. As you can see, the third part of the installation is a wooden frame upon which a large sheet of paper can be mounted, the arms’ pen pressed down against it. When the pendulums are set into motion, the arms move and thus the pen moves as well. With time, the simple lines will grow into something much more complex, looking like a larger-scale version of Spirograph artwork.

Eske Rex Drawingmachine

Drawing Machine Sculpture

Pendulum Powered Drawing Machine

Pendulum Drawing Machine

Drawingmachine Final Art

Much like the interchangeable plastic gears of a Spirograph, this art installation is also possible of churning out countless unique drawings. With just a slight change in any of the components, a drastically different image can be created. Naturally, one can also use different colors for different pieces of art or even multiple colors in the same creation. Taking a step back, even watching the pendulum towers working rhythmically has its own appeal. Fortunately, there’s also a video so you can see exactly that. It provides views of the pendulums doing their thing, also allowing us to see just how the arms work and how effective they are at keeping the pen firmly against the paper even with the slight vertical movement of the pendulum weight. There are also close-ups of the paper so you can see how the designs are formed. For more examples of pens being put to use by machines, check out this Tattoo Machine. For more sophisticated (and likely evil) robots, don’t miss the Robot Flamethrower or the Ham-Carving Robot.

Via: Core77