Philly Police To Combat Park Spot Hoarders With Memes

The Philadelphia police has, apparently, found a way to communicate with the citizens it is meant to protect via the use of memes. In this case, the classic “all your base is belong to us”.

Philadelphia Police memes 1

While some might claim that the police is sinking too low with this, and catering to the most common denominator, others might say this is a sign of the times, and that they understand how to reach people.Whatever your stand might be, the Philadelphia police decided to use some classic internet memes when tweeting about blocking parking spots.

And indeed, no matter how snowy it is, you shouldn’t block spaces with comes, or the police are gonna confiscate them and tweet about it. So, now you know! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Philadelphia Police memes 2

Source: Geekosystem

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