Turn Your Phone Into A Microscope – A Good One At That

Science doesn’t have to be expensive and done in labs anymore, and you can take a microscope with you wherever you thanks to the power of technology.

Microscope Phone

Lots of projects emerge here and there on Kickstarter, and while some of them are not that special, every once in a while we come across something so cool we can’t help but share, and such is the case of this project that aims to turn your phone into a microscope. This is the Micro Phone Lens, the result of over two years of research which already yielded the original Micro Phone Lens 15x.

This little gadget would give smartphones and tablets the capacity to zoom up to 150X, and helping focus for a better view, so you can take your science with you anywhere you go. The best part? You’ll get the lens for a minimum pledge of $29, and the project is already funded so you’re getting yours no matter what, but be sure to check the better rewards, for they are pretty impressive, too. Learn more about the project in the video below these lines.

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