Pi Clock Measures Time in Radians

Pi seems to always be a favorite for math geeks, and it’s hard to blame them for it. It’s an interesting, irrational number with practical uses as well as fun ones. Leaning more toward the latter is this clock, using pi and radians to replace the standard numbers of 1 through 12 we usually see. For those unaware, a radian is a unit of angular measurement, much like degrees, and they can be converted back and forth.

There are already plenty of clocks out there that appeal to geeks, like these 24 Geeky Clocks. There are also tons of watches, like this Tokyoflash LED Watch, which has a binary mode. This clock, however, is a little less practical. The numbers on the face don’t necessarily correspond to the numbers we’re used to, but instead correspond to the angle at which that number would be found. Instead, for example, the 90 degree angle represented by pi/2 radians takes over for the much simpler number 3.

It’s not too easy for those unfamiliar with radian measurements, but given that it’s still a standard clock with standard number locations, one should hopefully be able to tell the time anyway. If you’re in love with pi, though, you’ll likely view this as pretty awesome nonetheless.

Pi Clock with Radian Measurements

Designed by Laughing Easy, a clock like this would certainly be a good fit in a math classroom, at certain offices, or just at home. Since pi and circles go hand in hand, it seems only natural that since clocks are usually circular in design that pi would end up being incorporated in some way or another. The clock doesn’t seem to be for sale, but if a clock that measures time in radians is something you really need, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your own by hand.

Via: Neatorama / John Gushue