Pinc Headset and iPhone 6 Put VR at Your Fingertips

Virtual reality headsets are not yet mainstream, but they have already gone past being only an accessory for gaming. Pinc VR pairs up with the iPhone 6 to show us how the UI of the future could look like.

Following Samsung’s example of creating a VR headset that requires a smartphone to function, Pinc developed one that works in tandem with an iPhone 6 to give people control over a Minority Report-like UI. Besides the headset, the setup also includes two rings which need to be placed on the index fingers to enable the headset to track the movement of the hands.

“We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming. Areas like everyday computing, productivity and commerce are very interesting for us. When we can control mobile applications in 3D environments, we get into a new realm of computing” said Milan Baic, President of Cordon, who’s heading Pin? product development.

There are plenty of possible applications for such a VR headset, and the first one is obviously related to the way people interact with their mobile devices. Having multiple screens one next to another could enable users to type text messages while watching a clip or scrolling a website, even though only one of the screens is in focus and the others occupy the peripheral vision.

“The biggest limitation for customers, developers and brands is the screen and interaction size on mobile devices,” pointed out Baic. This VR headset really has the potential of redefining multi-tasking on mobile devices. There are several ways to display the mobile screens next to each other, including Tile, Spider, Cabinet, Horizon, Carousel, and Hover. Users are encouraged to pick the mode that suits their needs best.

Pinc could change the way we interact with maps, and this is something not many VR headset manufacturers have thought of. Needless to say, using Pinc for directions while driving would have disastrous results. Maybe an AR headset would be better in that case, or in the case of motorcycle drivers, an AR helmet.

Not at last, the Pinc VR headset could turn shopping into a completely new experience. There are already plenty of websites that showcase their products in 360-degree views, but what if we could see them in 3D, right in front of our eyes.

The Pinc VR headset is available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website for CAD $99. The manufacturer of Pinc even provides an SDK that app developers can use to make their software compatible with the VR headset.

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