Pixel Art Ties For The Formal Geek

It’s been almost 30 years since the NES came out, and by now, pixel art is more of a fashion statement than a technical limitation, as evidenced by these ties.


For those that work in the video game industry, the dressing code must be quite an issue. Ties are necessary to do business, but the urge to tribute what they love are quite strong. Luckily, these ties by Maya Pixelskaya provide the best of both worlds. Now the user gets to look classy while still maintaining the geek appeal.


Now this is definitely the type of tie we’d wear if we were lucky enough to have gotten job interviews at Valve or Nintendo. Absolutely!

Thanks FashionablyGeek for pointing this story out for us. See more geek gear at Superman Cape Cufflinks and Shockingly Classy: The Pikachu Ball Gown.