Shockingly Classy: The Pikachu Ball Gown

Geeks also have important events to attend, and should dress up for those. Still, that doesn’t mean you can give those events your own personal touch. And, as any Pokémon fan knows, every occasion is a good occasion to show you’re a true master, and an ace trainer. Pack your DS in your matching purse, and get ready to shock everyone with this Pikachu Ball Gown.


Now you’ll have to spend the whole duration of the party talking about which Pokémon form your party. Totally worth it, though. Keep scrolling down to see the back, and a mannequin’s blue butt in the process.


Sexy, right? This lead comes to us via our friends at Geekologie. We have more Pokémon goodies at 25 Pokemon Pumpkin Faces and Pokemon Trading Card Marriage Proposal Is Super Effective.