Pizza Hut Goes Hi-Tech, Uses Digital Table to Take Orders

A digital ordering table could open the way for an entire world of variations, since it would enable people to pick their preferred ingredients on their own.

It’s uncertain whether the digital ordering table will actually save people some time or not, as skimming through a menu and choosing the ingredients by yourself on a touch surface might be equally time-consuming. Yet, the concept that Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon Studios came up with is very innovative in that it allows people to order pizzas with their fingers. If you consider that customers are able to place an order right after sitting at a table, instead of relying on a busy waiter to take it, the digital table could still be a solution for saving time.

Let’s face it, pizza restaurants are not that different from one another in terms of customer service. In order to distinguish itself from all the others in this industry, a restaurant needs to come with something revolutionary, and that’s exactly what Pizza Hut did with this interactive concept table.

As soon as you take a seat and place a smartphone on it, the table will greet you using your first name. You get to select the size of the pizza, while also seeing how many people could be fed by a particularly sized pizza. Next, you pick the sauce and choose whether it till be distributed on half or the entire pizza. After placing some mozzarella on the sauce (you also have the option of adding some extra cheese), you need to choose the ingredients. I assume that the more ingredients you add, the more expensive the pizza will be, but also tastier, so it must be worth it.

If you’re ordering one for two people, you have the option of limiting the spread of ingredients to only half of the pizza. Guess that depends on how many people are sitting at the table, as each could create his slice as he wishes.

One of the best things about Pizza Hut’s digital ordering table is the prevention of allergies. When reading a menu, some might overlook an ingredient that is potentially dangerous for them, but when they need to pick the ingredients by themselves, they pay a lot more attention to what they will eat.

Not at last, the table displays payment options that include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

NFC and smartphone payment options might be integrated at a later point. To make the wait sweeter till the pizza is delivered, the interactive table allows people sitting around it to play video games, a much loved way of killing time.

Whether we’re ever going to see such a table in Pizza Hut restaurants is still a mystery, but for the moment, it’s rather unlikely, since it would imply a huge investment. We are still allowed to dream, aren’t we?

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