Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell The Bacon Alarm Clock

The incredible alarm clock made by Oscar Mayer delivers the smell and sound of bacon that is being fried. Thought that the bacon frenzy was over? Far from it, says this American meat and cold cut production company!

Bacon definitely has a lot of fans (no, I’m not talking about Kevin Bacon), and has gained even more after becoming a subculture on the Internet. Need proofs for my previous statement? Well, we have the following products, which all smell like this delicious food:

  • Bacon toothpaste
  • Bacon lollipops
  • Bacon frosting
  • Bacon lip balm

Mind you, the list doesn’t end here, so some might assume that Oscar Mayer’s bacon-scented alarm clock might be yet another product in a sea full of similarly flavored items. Given the revolutionary concept, the smell and sound releasing alarm clock might actually be able to step out of the crowd.

Tom Bick, senior director of integrated marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer, explained how this unique item came to be: “With nearly two million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon. That’s why our team decided to develop a device to give folks what they long for most. As the category leader, Oscar Mayer is thrilled to bring the first-ever bacon-scented mobile device to market, giving bacon aficionados a new reason to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

The commercial for the Wake Up & Smell The Bacon alarm clock (which you can watch below) is also amazing! A lot of money and thought must have went into this, as our heroine witnesses a rain of bacon strips at first, only to find herself in a garden full of bacon roses at a later point. Eventually, she wakes up, but not before seeing the animal from which the bacon strips came from. Phil Roudenbusch narrates the following mesmerizing text: “At darkest midnight, the nostrils’ north star awaits you. When imagination blossoms, only this scent will guide you to the greatest awakening. Wake up … to the morning of your dreams.”


When every other alarm clock fails to wake you up, it’s time to give Wake Up & Smell The Bacon a try. Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon announced that the bacon alarm clock will be available on the product’s site between March 3 and April 4, but that doesn’t mean that it can be bought from there. If you like the idea and would like to own one, feel free to fill in the form, and if you’re lucky enough, the company will pick you and send you one.

The companion iOS app, which features a skillet clock, is available on the iTunes App Store now, but without the bacon sound and smell emitting iPhone accessory, the experience is not the same.

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