Domino’s Pizza-Smelling DVD Makes Movie Nights Delicious

The competition between major pizzeria chains gives birth to the most peculiar concepts. If Pizza Hut launched a pizza fragrance not long ago, the approach of Domino’s Pizza is more hi-tech.

There is a connection between these various strategies to attract clients: the smell. Pizza Hut assumed that people would want to smell like pizza, Domino’s presumption is a bit more realistic. Basically, the famous pizzeria theorized that most of us enjoy eating pizza while watching flicks. Knowing how many Futurama, X-Files, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones episodes I’ve watched this way, I can only confirm the hypothesis.

Domino’s Pizza partnered with DVD rental companies from Brazil to distribute the odoriferous discs to anyone planning to watch movies without at least one pizza by his or her side. Thermal ink was used to turn the concept into reality, and the way it works is rather simple. After renting the DVD, people would notice that the top of the disc is black, and the name of the movie can barely be seen. Hopefully, people won’t panic, claiming that they’ve received a pirated DVD. Once the disc is placed in the DVD player, it will start heating up, thus revealing a pizza on the surface of the disc, while also emitting a pizza smell throughout the entire room.

The hopes are high, in this particular case, as Domino’s thinks that people would order a pizza, preferably from them, to munch on while watching a second movie. Confronted with such a marketing strategy, I know I would, at least once. The idea is very inventive, and the fact that this hasn’t been done before is a great plus.

This marketing campaign is currently taking place in Brazil only, so if this doesn’t happen in the rest of the world in the near future, please keep calm. Netflix and other similar streaming services have become more popular than DVD rental companies in recent times, so this approach may not have the same results in the US. Still, the technology could be used on Blu-Ray, as well, since the top of the disc does not depend on the quality of the flick.


The message is quite simple: “Did you enjoy this movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s pizza!”

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