8 Reasons Science Thinks Pizza is Good

While pizza doesn’t have the reputation of being a healthy and productive food for you, it turns out science has its uses for the tastiest thing in the world, as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

Pizza & Beer

Pizza & Beer


According to Michael Agnew of A Perfect Pint, Pizza is loaded with rich stuff, and needs a beverage partner that will scrub all that stuff away. Carbonation and hops do that extraordinarily well. (Image via Men’s Journal)

It Helps You in the Bathroom

Norovirus is also known as the stomach bug. Scientists have found out that Oregano oil has carvacrol and it can break down the virus, and in the future might be turned into a sanitizer.

More Carvacrol

Cancer Cells Suicide


What can it also do? It can hack into prostate cancer cells and reprogram them to kill themselves off, giving it the potential to help treat prostate cancer. (Image via Bigthink)

Pizza in Space

NASA are going to build a 3D food printer to use in Space, and guess what’s been chosen as the first? Pizza.

Pizza & The Subway Price

Pizza & Subway Prices


It’s not entirely true anymore, but there’s been a connection between the price of a slice of pizza and the price of riding on the Subway since the 1960’s. It might not be exact science, but there’s definitely something there. (Image via amny)

Pizza, Chicago & Antioxidants

Deep Dish Chicago Pizza


Chicago style pizza can have more antioxidants because of its oven time and crust size. Chemists found out  that longer baking times increased antioxidants up to 60%, and higher oven temperatures raised them by as much as 82%. (Image via Tumblr)

It can Help Your Heart

Pizza Tomato Sauce


More on the antioxidant front: Tomatoes contain Lycopene, which is an antioxidant that helps ward off heart disease among other things. Eating Lycopene-rich foods along with a small dose of oil or fat can help your body absorb it better. (Image via Clinuvel)

Pizza Tossing as a Prototype

Physicists are using the “art” of pizza tossing to help them design motors. By copying the chefs, they’ve been able to create tiny motors for brain surgery.

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