Sony PS4 Has Sold Over 6 Million Units Worldwide

As support for the PlayStation 4 continues around the world, Sony have confirmed that their new next-gen console has sold 6 million units across the globe.

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The fanwars will not be won on paper, or on Internet message boards, or, in the defacing of posters used to market a rival console. They won’t even be won by official statements by CEOs and marketing reps for the companies behind the consoles, or even in terms of specs stating which console is better at delivering HD graphics and multiplayer gaming to our homes. None of that will matter in the end, despite what critics have stated in wordy articles, for in the end the debate between the Xbox One and the PS4 won’t be a question of ‘which one is better?’ it will simply be a question of ‘which one is selling more?’ and right now, as Sony have announced, the PS4 is winning.

Announced by John Koller, the Vice President of Marketing at SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America), Sony’s next generation console has now sold over 6 million units across the globe, shooting through Sony’s previously estimated targets of selling 5 million units of the PS4 by the end of the current financial quarter (which ends in a few weeks). The sales are most likely bumped up by massive sales in Japan where it launched on February 22nd, with the console having sold over 300,000 units during two days on sales in Sony’s home country. While this is certainly impressive, the PS4 holds its own in the other 56 territories where the console has launched too, holding off strong competition from their closest rival, Microsoft’s aforementioned console, the Xbox One, due to brand loyalty in Europe and a much lower price.

As the Xbox One comes pre-packaged with the Kinect 2.0 camera, the price of the console significantly higher, seeing it retail for almost $100 more than the PS4, which has a been a huge deciding factor for consumers even in North America, where Xbox has long reigned supreme in terms of sales. But these sales in North America are somewhat equal, suggesting that Microsoft will have to do more to hold onto its crown. However, competition between the two next-gen consoles is good as it leads to more competitive (read: cheaper) prices for consumers as well as better exclusive games as the two companies attempt to outdo each other with software offerings, so as for future developments and what both Microsoft and Sony do to regain and retain their lead, respectively, we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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