Playbulb candle: LED lights change colors via your smartphone

Getting the right mood in a room has never been easier as with the Playbulb candle, a series of LED bulbs that switch colors via a smartphone app.

Playbulb Candle 1

The Playbulb candle is one of those ideas so simple yet brilliant that makes you wonder how come no one came up with it before. The MIPOW USA team from San José, California came up with the concept, a mobile App controlled device that makes light change colors. No matter what colors you like or what mood strikes you, any color is just a couple taps away thanks to the app in your smartphone, available at both App Store and Google Play Store. Users can turn them on or off from the app, but as the whole point of Playbulb is to be fun, users can also blow them as if they were regular candles.

Playbulb Candle 2

Playbulb candles use LED light instead of flame, so they’re safe for any room. They have a timer for battery saving purposes and is also highly portable.

The product is in the process of being funded via Kickstarter, but has already surpassed the initial goal over 200%, so expect to see it in retail very soon.

Via Kickstarter

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