Toys for Junior Hipsters: Playmobil Apple Store

It’s getting easier these days, but it still remains a struggle for hipster parents to find toys for their hipster kids that reflect and promote their hipster values. It’s no good giving up the hipster lifestyle of late nights, cheap bee, and living off your parents to become parents yourself if you can’t your kids into tiny super cool versions of yourself. Their toys should be no exception. They should be cool’ exclusive and give the kids an unnatural feeling of superiority over all others. Playmobil is here to help.

Hipster parents rejoice! The Playmobil Apple Store is here. Finally you can teach your kids the joys of owning overpriced, overhyped gadgets.  The Playmobil Apple Store has got all the great products, friendly staff and smug, self-satisfied customers you’ll need to recreate all your favorite Apple Store interactions. It’s even got a class of new recruits being indoctrinated into the Cult of Jobs on the second floor.

Like anything Apple related, it isn’t cheap. At $179.99 for the full set, it’ll cost you a bit, but not nearly as much as an actual Apple product. And really, money should be no object in the relentless quest for cool. Especially when little kids are concerned.

Of course, this would also make a nice gift for someone who’s into Apple and isn’t an insufferable jerk about it. We know those people exist and we love them almost as much as our iPhones.




Check out a homemade toy version of the Apple Store and this infographic on Apple becoming the kind of computer company that gets toys made after it.