Apple’s Rise to Number 1 [Infographic]

Apple is continuing to make waves with their top of the line innovation, beautiful designs and competitive nature, so it is no wonder they are reaching Number 1. As a cool illustration, we now have this easy to follow Apple Infographic from Online MBA which shows their size and strength.


[Source: Online MBA]
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If you are one who enjoys these fun Infographics, then others that are highly recommended are the ‘If Web Browsers were Celebrities‘, the amazing Overview of Google Android or the eBay Video Game Stats.

Do you know of other amazing stats about Apple that are worth noting and are not mentioned in the Infographic above?

5 thoughts on “Apple’s Rise to Number 1 [Infographic]

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  4. Erick.

    Pretty sloppy work, I’m afraid. Some obvious spelling errors (“it’s”, “puchases”) and grammatical problems. Some errors in the timeline also: Jobs was ousted in May 1985, not 1984. In 1996, Jobs returned as a consultant. He wasn’t installed as interim CEO until a board coup the next year. Jobs owns something like 7% of Disney stock: this makes him the largest individual shareholder, but it is at least 7 times too small to be called a “controlling” share.

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