Strangely Cute Pop Culture Art Prints From Loopz

Hong Kong designer Loopz recently released some strangely cute and endearing art prints of more than a few pop culture figures.

loopz star wards art prints

Move over LEGO Star Wars, you have nothing on these overly cute and endearing versions of our beloved pop culture. According to our source, these prints are the creation of “mother and designer” Loopz, a Hong Kong based artist who created these vector based art prints.

more loopz star wars art prints

It’s actually mind-blowing how ridiculous Chewbacca looks, but even that furry beast pales in comparison to the smiling, chubby faces of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and a refreshlingly young-looking Obi-Wan Kenobe. Amazingly, master Yoda looks even older and more haggard than he did on his death-bed in Star Wars VI.

super heroes arts prints

To balance it out, we’ve also got our fair share of villains mixed in. Fan favourite Boba Fett is here, complete with his blaster rifle. We’ve also got Darth Vader, Darth Maul and one of the nameless stormtroopers.

Star Wars icons aren’t the only ones that Loopz decided to tribute. We’ve also got a whole series of Disney princesses, ranging from Snow White to Jasmine to
Arielle. I can’t help but feel that these prints might have been inspired from the title character in the PSN game Fat Princess. They certainly share the same cheerfulness and rosy cheeks.

princess loopz art prints

We’ve also got a series of super heroes, from both the Marvel and DC universes. Yes, that’s probably the only time we’ll ever see Wolverine and the Hulk smile. I’m not sure what’s up with Iron Man or Captain America.

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