Lamps Made From Washing Machines

We’ve seen recycle art before, but one guy has done something incredible: making lamps from old washing machine parts.

Although modern appliances make our lives easier, they all have a lifespan. And they have a nasty habit of breaking down exactly when you need them the most, especially washing machines. (I should tell you about the time mine caught fire some day.)


The REWASHLAMP project by Portuguese artist To Martins is an ingenious use of old washing machine parts, making them useful for something other than washing clothes. He’s taken washing machine tubs, applied various materials to them, everything from feathers to tape measures, even pingpong balls, stuck them on tripods, and turned them into lamps.

Ping Pong ball lamp

Measuring tape lamp

Feather lamp for REWASHLAMP project

It seems to be more a pure art project than a commercial project, but it’s still an ingenious use of a machine that would probably sit in a front yard or in a landfill. People seem to like to talk about the environment rather than doing anything about it, but art is a good way to call people’s attention to an important subject.

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