Hey! Listen! Rejected Companions For Link [Comic]

Yeah, yeah, we get it, Navi and Tatl can get annoying, but believe us, it could have been so much worse.  Everyone who has played the N64 Zelda titles should be familiar with the “Hey! Listen!” references: Link’s fairy companions would interrupt the player mid-gameplay with (mostly) useless advice on how to perform basic actions. Furthermore, every time there’d be something towards which the player should pay attention to, Tatl and Navi would be screaming “Hey!” and never shut up. This has been the source of countless parodies, and commentaries on what are considered two of the best games on the N64 library, and sometimes hailed as some of the greatest games ever created: it was annoying, but 3d was a new thing back then, and Nintendo found them to be necessary. While this mechanic might seem awkward by today’s standards, back then we didn’t know what worked and what didn’t.

Remembering these dark days, the crowd at Dorkly have made us realize these faeries (Navi in Ocarina Of Time and Tatl in Majora’s Mask) were not so bad, after all. Hell, it could have been so much worse… just imagine having to deal with some of the characters in the pic below.


Can we have our single faerie back, please? We take back everything bad we’ve said about them. Oh well, at least having Tingle as a companion would mean free maps, right? No? He’d charge for them anyways? Damn, this sucks.

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