Popcorn Time sneaks in into iOS devices – no jailbreak required

Popcorn Time, the popular and technically legal (the best kind of legal) streaming app will arrive soon to iOS devices – without requiring a jailbreak beforehand.


Popcorn Time is a streaming app with several movies and TV shows available for phones and tablets that doesn’t require a web interface in the middle. The idea might not sound exactly new, but it turns out it is, as the technical concept is radically different:Popcorn Time uses torrents from P2P networks, and does streaming without having to rely on a central server. Popcorn Time themselves do not pirate anything, they just give access and streaming capabilities for torrents from a variety of devices, which is perfectly legal.

And legal as it may be, getting such an app into the Apple Store (the infamous “walled garden”) is an impossible task – yet this didn’t stop the Popcorn Time from creating a version that won’t require a jailbreak beforehand. This doesn’t mean Popcorn Time will be available in the App Store, but instead means that they will use a personalized installers that users will be able to run from their web, and install using airplane mode – this is pure creativity from the programmers, not Apple giving up.


Beyond what this represents for Popcorn Time, this will open the floodgates for a new generation of apps that might arrive on iOS devices without having to get through Apple’s coercive terms and controls – it has the potential to change the iOS ecosystem forever, and we’re sure this has got to scare the Cupertino guys. We will see how they react in time.

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