The Cake is Not a Lie: Portal 2 Wedding Proposal

We’d call Glados and Chell’s relationship in the Portal saga everything but romantic. Yet, gamers might change their mind after seeing this.

Portal 2, despite the heavy competition is shaping up to be the game of the year. The Internet, fans, gamers, and even not gamers hail it for it’s creative narrative, funny dialog, great storyline and ambiance. Some fans even started creating their own test-chambers where they can challenge themselves and other fans with new, creative puzzles. This gave Gary Hudston an idea to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie.

Portal 2 Wedding


Now, we’ve seen some great marriage proposals with Super Mario Bros, Chrono Trigger, Star Wars or Star Trek themes, but this one definitely takes the cake (pun intended) as the craziest one for having play value even for those who don’t even know the couple.

Gary and Stephanie liked the game so much that he commissioned Doug Hoogland and Rachel van der Meer to do a couple custom levels, and even got Ellen McLain, the murderous supercomputer GLaDOS herself, to perform some exclusive lines for his girlfriend. The result was an awesomely designed level which more experienced players will love for its complexities and novelty factor. Non gamers have something in it for them too: how heart-warming the situation is. You can see a complete play-through of the level in the video below.

The attention to details is stunning, and the level design flawless. This could perfectly pass for a test chamber in Valve’s masterpiece if it wasn’t for the fact that it ends in bliss and joy, and that’s just not Portal. As the player progresses through the level, GLaDOS talks about romance without losing her wit, and even though players might see the proposal coming once the level is about to reach its end, it’s still absolutely great. For those curious about the whole thing, Stephanie said yes, once the shock of GLaDOS calling her name wore off. Congratulations to the geeky couple!